Why Stone Neads to Be Sealed

Stone looks exceptionally great, especially in places like countertops and floors. However, it needs to be properly sealed, given the porous nature of stone. All sorts of nasty and unwanted things can seep through stone, including bacteria, food, and liquids. The most affected stone surfaces are those that receive that highest amount of foot traffic and use.

Wear and tear will make stone even more susceptible to various foreign elements negatively affecting it. If you want to ensure that your stone stays strong and looking great, you will need to seal it. Protect your investment by taking this simple step for your stone surfaces.

Different types of stone are affected in different ways. When you have marble, onyx, and limestone, you are dealing with stone that is vulnerable to being scratched, stained, and damaged by acids. The presence of acids on any of these types of stone will be especially problematic, given that it leaves light and dull spots all over. This is something you will definitely want to avoid, as it can become costly to repair and potentially replace.

Given the porous nature of marble, onyx, and limestone, you should get them sealed approximately every half year or so. Furthermore, you should make sure that you are cleaning them using solutions that have been specifically designed for those types of natural stone. You never want to clean these with vinegar, for example. Maintaining your floors, countertops, and other stone surfaces, along with keeping them sealed, will ensure that they will stay looking stunning and undamaged for a long time to come.

There are other types of stone which are not as porous as the three mentioned earlier. Two common types used, especially for countertops, are granite and quartz. Since they do not have a high level of porosity, they do not need to be sealed as often as marble, onyx, and limestone.

Sealing them once a year will be enough to keep them protected. Besides only requiring to be cleaned once a year, you do not have to use any special cleaners on them. All it takes is some good old fashioned soap and water to clean these types of stone, after which you can wipe them down.

Sealing all of these types of stone will not cost you that much. You can either attempt to do the job yourself or hire professionals to take care of the sealing for you. Whichever decision you choose to make, you should also keep in mind that there is no sealer that will completely prevent damage done to it. This is why you should still incorporate sound practices, such as using coasters for drinks and quickly cleaning up after spills.

Stone surfaces are a beautiful way to bring additional charm and character into a home. To protect your investment, you should make sure to seal all of your stone countertops, floors, and other surfaces. This will ensure you have great-looking stone for a long time to come.

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