Terrazzo floor polishing is a detailed process that can transform dull, worn-out terrazzo floors into shimmering works of art.

Our skilled team of experts goes beyond a mere superficial clean. Using state-of-the-art grinding and polishing equipment, we gently strip away years of dirt and scratches from your terrazzo floors, revealing their natural brilliance and sophistication.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing Melbourne

Terrazzo flooring is a timeless statement of style and sophistication. Its unique blend of marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips into a cementitious binder creates a stunning mosaic-like finish that adds character and grandeur to any space.

From subtle and minimalist designs to bold and vibrant patterns, terrazzo flooring offers limitless design possibilities. It can be customised to match any décor, making it a popular choice among architects and designers.

With terrazzo, you’re not just investing in a floor; you’re investing in a piece of art that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Polishing further enhances the natural beauty of your terrazzo floors. It brings out the depth and richness of the aggregate materials, giving your floors a glossy, mirror-like finish. Polishing can make any space look brighter and larger, creating an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

At Clean Seal Australia, we treat your floors with the respect they deserve, using our expertise to restore and enhance their natural beauty. Experience the transformation of your terrazzo floors today and enjoy the benefits of a professional touch.

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Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing

Choosing to polish your terrazzo flooring can rejuvenate its appearance, breathing new life into your living or workspace. Polishing enhances the shine and lustre of your floors and increases their durability and resistance to spills and stains.

Our terrazzo floor polishing process begins with precise grinding. We carefully and safely remove the uppermost layer of your floor, eliminating imperfections and preparing it for polishing.

Once grinding is complete, we start polishing. We gradually refine the surface using high-quality products and techniques, achieving a beautiful, honed finish. This finish offers a smooth, matte look that is stylish yet understated, adding a unique charm to your terrazzo floors.

Sealing is the crucial final step in the terrazzo restoration process that ensures your floors stay protected and look their best for years to come. Our high-quality sealants penetrate deep into your terrazzo surface, creating a barrier against spills, stains, and wear.

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Outdoor Terrazzo Cleaning and Polishing

Terrazzo flooring is a popular choice for commercial spaces due to its durability and ease of maintenance. It can withstand high foot traffic and heavy use, making it ideal for offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and more.

Commercial Terrazzo floor polishing is critical to maintaining your business’ image and ambiance. A clean, polished floor not only impresses customers and clients but also provides a healthier and more enjoyable environment for your employees.

At Clean Seal Australia, we understand the unique needs and challenges of commercial Terrazzo floor polishing. We offer flexible scheduling to minimise disruption to your business operations. Our trained professionals use cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly products to deliver high-quality results every time.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing Terrazzo floors or preparing for a grand opening, we can help. Our comprehensive Terrazzo floor polishing services are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

At Clean Seal Australia, we’re not just in the business of floor polishing but creating beautiful and durable spaces that inspire and impress. Contact us today to experience the Clean Seal Australia difference!

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Experience the Clean Seal Advantage for Your Terrazzo Floors

Rediscover the Original Charm

At Clean Seal Australia, our professional Terrazzo cleaning and polishing services don’t just maintain your floors – they restore them to their original beauty. Our experts skillfully remove stubborn stains and scratches, unveiling the hidden pristine beauty.

Boost Your Property Value

Well-kept Terrazzo floors can significantly elevate your property’s appeal. Our top-notch cleaning and polishing services ensure your floors radiate a timeless elegance that captivates potential buyers and tenants alike.

Promote a Healthy Environment

Clean Seal Australia doesn’t just make your floors shine; we make them a beacon of health. Our comprehensive cleaning processes eliminate bacteria, allergens, and dirt from your Terrazzo floors, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

Prevent Larger Problems

We believe in proactive care. Regularly scheduled professional cleaning and polishing can help detect potential issues early, like unnoticed chips or cracks. With Clean Seal Australia, you prevent minor problems from becoming major headaches.

Customised Care for Your Floors

At Clean Seal Australia, we understand that every terrazzo floor has unique charm and needs. Our tailored cleaning and polishing approach considers your floor’s age, condition, and aggregate type, delivering the best possible results.

Professional Maintenance Advice

Beyond our services, we empower you with knowledge. Our experts will provide practical advice to help maintain your terrazzo floors’ sparkle between professional cleanings.

Save Time and Effort

Terrazzo cleaning and polishing is a demanding task. Why not leave it to the experts? With Clean Seal Australia, you can invest your precious time elsewhere while we care for your floors.

Increase Your Floor’s Lifespan

Preserve your terrazzo floors for generations to come. Our regular professional cleaning and polishing services ensure they look dazzling and prevent premature wear and tear, enhancing their lifespan.

Embrace the transformative power of professionally cleaned and polished terrazzo floors with Clean Seal Australia.

Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s bring the shine back to your floors!

Embrace the transformative power of professionally cleaned and polished terrazzo floors with Clean Seal Australia.

Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s bring the shine back to your floors!

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to polishing terrazzo surfaces with precision, our team at Clean Seal is unbeatable. We provide long-term stone polishing solutions for our clients, and can meet the needs of various stone surface finishes and textures. Our combined experience makes us well-equipped to provide the best terrazzo polishing results for your home or commercial space.

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Customer Focused Service
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Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Highly Trained Professionals
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Client Testimonials

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  • Did a fantastic job removing rust on blue stone columns then sealing it.

    Catherine Lavars Avatar Catherine Lavars

    My bluestone pavers had oil spilt on them and Aaron and the team were very helpful in getting them cleaned with the majority of the marks coming out. Aaron was very responsive and easy to deal with, would highly recommend him

    Virginia Bacon Avatar Virginia Bacon

    Great customer service

    Scott Tucker Avatar Scott Tucker
  • Clean Seal did an absolutely brilliant job to restore my marble bench tops to their original glory .They were very easy to deal with and were fast and efficient. Josh arrived on time and was a real delight.He was thorough and left the job site neat as a pin. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. They are top notch.

    Jane Kelynack Avatar Jane Kelynack

    We had our travertine tiles restored by Aaron and Josh and the results are amazing. They were very knowledgeable and communicated well. We will definitely call clean seal agin when we need more work done

    Rhiana Burgess Avatar Rhiana Burgess

    Aaron is lovely to deal with and wants to please the client.happy to recommend him and his team

    Lisa Mochkin Avatar Lisa Mochkin
  • Rare to find a company that offers such good customer service.. From initial contact to job completion, the whole process was was positive and efficient. The office staff were knowledgeable and answered all my questions comprehensively. There was a delay in sealing due to weather, something that is a hazard for this work.I was kept fully informed of rescheduling promptly and efficiently. Aaron completed the work on a Sunday, to ensure that the job was completed without further delay to me the customer. Aaron and his team need to be congratulated on their attention to detail and customer service. I have had this work done by other companies and none have delivered the results that clean seal have. Added bonus their price was competitive. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for paving cleaning and sealing. Thank you Clean Seal

    christine hilbert Avatar christine hilbert

    I instructed Clean Seal to repair and coat a concrete floor for an end of lease office and Aaron and Josh were able to come to the site very quickly and complete the job with excellent results.

    Reece Tyack Avatar Reece Tyack

    These boys came to restore my tired stained marble benches wow they are sparkling and like new what a difference so Happy well done Josh & Aaron Thks a million highly recommend this company

    sharyn christo Avatar sharyn christo
  • Clean Seal restored our travertine flooring just before Xmas. Aaron was very knowledgeable about all things stone and very easy to deal with! Highly recommend for any natural stone restoration.

    Lydia Adriatico Avatar Lydia Adriatico

    Clean seal came out to quote our bench top within 24 hours of us reaching out to them. Aaron was on time which was refreshing for a trades service. We were advised to go with a product called tuff skin for our marble bench top as we are looking to rent out our home in the near future and this would give us complete protection and a 5 year guarantee. Josh and Aaron came and did the installation within the week and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Can’t really notice that it’s there, but it really does the job especially after my wife and children have been spilling things on it all day and a simple wipe down has it looking good as new. Really appreciated all the work Josh and Aaron have done and would highly recommend tuff skin.

    Josh Tennison Avatar Josh Tennison

    Aaron & his team at Clean Seal were absolutely fantastic to work with. Very professional from start to finish and best of all a good sense of humour. My new sealed natural pavers look like brand new. Thanks again Aaron & Team 🙂

    Colin L Avatar Colin L
  • We engaged Clean Seal to restore the marble throughout our home, Aaron was on time to quote the job and his team carried out the work with minimal fuss. Highly recommend for any marble polishing services.

    Zaine and Liezyl Greening Avatar Zaine and Liezyl Greening

    Had the guys wash & seal our pavers Professional & great work

    Anthony Pinzone Avatar Anthony Pinzone

    Aaron really knows his stuff. Had a problem with my driveway and he knew exactly what to do to fix it. Honest fair dinkum people like this are hard to find these days. Keep up the great service.

    David Francis Avatar David Francis
  • Aaron and Josh did a fantastic job on the pavers, transforming them back to new. Friendly and very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend this company. Pictures show before and after.

    Jonathan Shaw Avatar Jonathan Shaw

    Clean Seal cleaned our dirty pool sandstone paving and sealed the pavers they returned on request to ensure the job was completed properly. They have a professional understanding of this area of work and I would recommend them.

    Peter Fonseca Avatar Peter Fonseca

    Aaron and the team were fantastic. Highly professional and followed up all their work to make sure we were happy - which we very much are. The driveway and pavers look like new.

    Darren McFarlane Avatar Darren McFarlane
  • Best in the business! Had a vinegar stain on my natural stone bench and they were so informative and helpful throughout the whole process. Only ones you should use for your stone repair!

    Emily Crow Avatar Emily Crow

    Fabulous work , my marble bench top looks brand new

    Cindy R Avatar Cindy R

    The Clean Seal team know what Professionalism is all about. They were on time, work was completed when they said it would be. Now iv got awesome pavers they look brand new. Cheers Aaron & Clean Seal

    Cole Tonorio Avatar Cole Tonorio
  • We recently used Clean Seal Australian to clean the asphalt around our office which was recently renovated. There was a large amount of render and concrete left on the public asphalt which needed to be removed for council. Clean Seal Australia were fantastic to correspond with, and came to site very quickly, managing to remove all render from the asphalt. Thank you team, fantastic job. Highly recommended.

    Lachlan McNeil Avatar Lachlan McNeil

    I had my kitchen bench top shined up and sealed by Joshua at Clean Seal and it looks absolutely amazing. I had a dull natural man made stone that always looked quite drab. It now looks like high quality polished stone! I am soooo happy! Aaron was my first point of call who explained their new sealant product to me and was very informative and helpful. Emm made all my bookings and was very efficient. Joshua performed the job and was a perfectionist, taped everything up beautifully and took his time to do a wonderful job. Would recommend them to anyone!

    Kelly Jean Avatar Kelly Jean

    Aaron was responsive, knowledgeable and professional. We had a difficult oil based stain to remove from pavers. Aaron asked all the right questions, and then decided to come after work on the same day I called him, as the treatment was time sensitive. Unbelievable dedication to customer service and his craft.

    Greg B Avatar Greg B
  • Everything was quick and easy from the quote process to getting the job done - would definitely use again.

    Andrew M Avatar Andrew M

    I was really impressed with the attention I received from Aaron and team. A detailed quote, after listening to what we wanted. Arrived when they said they would after SMSs in advance. The somewhat old and scratched marble kitchen I inherited when I moved in was transformed to looking like new.

    Rob Layton Avatar Rob Layton

    Hi, these guys are the best! professional, very happy workers and absolutely focused on doing a good job. They cleaned and resealed tiles for us in 3 areas in two different houses and the tiles look brilliant. In one bathroom the tiles were a bit faded and we asked them if they would come back and give it another go - there was no questioning - they simply came back and did another clean and seal. they were a pleasure to have in our homes - I cannot recommend them highly enough - do not go past this company! John and Marion

    John Daniliuc Avatar John Daniliuc
  • Aaron and the boys did a great job of cleaning my stencilled concrete and exposed agg, it came up a treat and is now fully sealed against the black mould and moss I get every winter. Very good service, highly recommended.

    Ken Briggs Avatar Ken Briggs

    5 stars Great work

    Eddie Che Gibbs Avatar Eddie Che Gibbs

    Outstanding service Thank you Richard and Arron for going above and beyond very happy with end result I highly recommend clean seal

    Sophie Voglis Avatar Sophie Voglis

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