Why Sealing Concrete Is So Important

Concrete looks great on a driveway or patio. However, it can get damaged easily if you do not seal it properly. You want to do everything you can to protect your investment and keep it looking great for a long time to come.

When it comes to sealing concrete, there are three types of sealers: topical, penetrating, and integral. A topical sealer is used atop the surface of the concrete you are sealing, creating a protective coating. A penetrating sealer gets into the concrete itself and creates a chemical barrier within it, helping prevent moisture from entering the concrete. An integral sealer is added to a concrete mixture prior to being distributed by the manufacturer. The benefits are essentially the same as the ones that come with a topical sealer. The advantage is that no additional sealing is required.

There are several benefits to sealing concrete. Some of the biggest ones are the following:

Extend the Life of Concrete

The typical concrete driveway will keep for approximately 25 years. However, with cracks, this lifespan will become far shorter. A concrete sealant will help you reach that 25 years, which may not have been possible otherwise.

Protects Concrete Against External Elements

There are lots of outside elements that can damage concrete. Various liquids, such as oil, as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, can degrade and damage it. A proper sealant will exclude potential moisture and prevent much of the UV damage that can occur because of it being exposed to the sun.

Enhance the Color of Concrete

Concrete has a tendency to easily become discolored when it is exposed to the elements and foreign agents. This will cause your once-stunning concrete to look old and grungy. When you seal concrete, you get to preserve the look of your concrete for a long time.

Strengthen the Durability of Concrete

All sorts of issues can potentially plague your concrete, from crackings, to chipping, to scaling. Exposure to various things can weaken your concrete, which is something a sealant can prevent from occurring. Keep your concrete strong as it should be by sealing it.

Protect Concrete Against Mold

The porous nature of concrete means that moisture can easily get into it. When this moisture does not completely dry, it provides an ideal breeding ground for mold. After mold gets a hold of your concrete, it will start discoloring it and even making it dangerous, by becoming slippery. Sealing concrete will help thwart mold’s ability to get into the concrete.

Wrapping Up

Concrete is a great choice for outdoor elements, such as driveways and patios. However, there are risks to its structural integrity and look if you do not seal it. Once you seal your concrete with either a topical, penetrating, or integral sealant, you ensure that your concrete will stay looking new, maintaining its strength, and being a protected investment.

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